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iHideURL is a free tool to hide your URLs an easy way!.

A dead simple easy to use tool to your hide/mask your URLs to a scrambled one. This tool is fast and encodes and decodes url using rotational caesar algorithm and does not use databases. Please note that it does not shorten your URLs.

Be sure to share this tool, with your friends or on social networking sites for encoding/decoding the URLs.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

I have been always on the search for a simple, fast method to transform URLs in someway, unlike the conventional URL shortening methods which involves more complexity. I am really amazed at this simple technique and decided to use this on URL hiding.

Why use this tool?

You can use this tool to create scrambled funny urls and share among your friends.

How does this tool work?

This tool uses a rot 13 algorithm, which is basically shifting a character by 13 places. For example, in the url `a` is replaced by `n`, `b` is replaced by `o` and so on. You can find more information about wiki page. To encode a URL you perform single rot13 transform and to decode the data, perform another rot13 transform, you arrive at the original url. The destination url is clearly visible upon decoding and is not opaque like in URL shorteners, where you will never know what the destination url is.

www.ihideurl.com ---> jjj.vuvqrhey.pbz (encode)
jjj.vuvqrhey.pbz ---> www.ihideurl.com (decode)

You can also implement this algorithm in your website and the source code for various programming languages including in PHP can be found on this website.

What this tool cannot do?

This tool cannot perform the following...

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